Business Grid

Business Grid is an integrated ERP solution by which any business enterprise can operate their business through online. It provides a real-time view of core business processes and tracks business resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments.

Modules of Business Grid ERP Software

  • Integrates the flow of information between various business processes and integrates business transactions with company’s financial system in real time
  • Customizable and Configurable extend your business using the internet
  • Eliminate costs and inefficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction based on improved on-time delivery, increase quality, shortened delivery times
  • Reduced inventory costs resulting from better planning, tracking and forecasting
  • Better visibility into accounts and fewer billing and/or delivery errors
  • Decrease in vendor pricing by taking better advantage of quantity breaks and tracking vendor performance
  • Track actual costs of activities and perform activity based costing
  • Provide a consolidated picture of sales, inventory and receivables
  • Allows for information sharing throughout the entire company, based on security privileges
  • Category or subcategory wise product setup, product requisition and purchase order
  • Category or item wise stock, purchase and sales report
  • Date and Customer wise sales report

Front Office management
Sales & Marketing Management
Inventory Management
Purchase Management
Accounts Management
HR Management