Terms of Service

General Terms of Service

Last updated: June 02, 2018

  • Data Grid will deploy Innboard ERP in the server provided by Customer to fulfill the business processes as per the scope of software.
  • The knowledge on the product function and business process mapping will be explained to Customer key users team.
  • Customer key users team will enter master data along with necessary configuration.
  • Data Grid will provide required guidance to complete this task.
  • Customer key users team will enter all the required master data.
  • Details like opening balances, financial ledger balances, sub-ledger balances, bank account balances and material master details are to be entered by Customer key users team as per the Product Acceptance start date.
  • Customer key users team will enter transactions as required for the business that conforms the business requirements.
  • The data entered will be available in the form of reports for verification.
  • Customer key users team will verify the reports.
  • Validate and compare the generated reports against the data that is available or calculated outside the software.